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Ever dreamed of how you can buy, store, and carry 1 backpack, but enjoy the feeling of having 6 different bags at the same time? This is your chance to make this dream come true as this backpack will transform from the bag into a backpack and vice versa!  With one purchase you will get six distinctive looks as well as the perfect opportunity to implement minimalist ideas into your wardrobe without losing any variety in your accessories.

But having an amazing backpack with a patent-protected design is not everything. You can now contribute to solving major ecological problems while being stylish at the same time! This bag was made from pineapple fiber that looks great, but is durable, easy to take care of, and is also so environmentally friendly!

What is this magical pineapple leaf fiber? As an agricultural waste product leaves of pineapple are thrown away. Yet some ingenious invention changed this forever when instead of burning these leaves were made into the non-woven mesh and pineapple leaf fiber was born. It has strength, durability, and water resistance - everything you could expect from faux leather yet it is made from natural material and it adds so much more to your journey towards considerate and eco-friendly life!

Get some magic from Bagic!

All materials are from EU countries, the production takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania.


  • Size: 43x40x8cm
  • 2 pockets - one open, one with zipper
  • Pockets size - 15x20cm
  •  Waterproof
  •  UV resistant
  •  Easy care

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